This week in food

onion and vegetables on cutting board

I have a pretty complex system for making sure everyone around here get fed well and in a timely manner–staving off hangry is a full time job without a little planning. Here’s what’ll be on my table–er, ikea desk–this first week of feels-like-spring!

  • I’m on a quinoa kick, so my lunch salad this week is this Greek Quinoa Salad–just filling enough with my staple lunch accessories of an apple, a babybel cheese, and a Brownie Batter Bar for dessert. Ross is the master of his own lunch, thank God. Quinoa salad is not man food, as it turns out.

As for dinner, it goes as follows:

  • Sunday-Tuesday (I ain’t afraid of no leftovers): Cajun Style Shrimp and Grits and a big ol’ salad
  • Wednesday is a run day, which means I have minimal time to be cooking between my arrival home and Ross’s. Paprika Porkchops with Garlic Feta Mashed Potatoes, rolls, and again, the requisite big ol’ salad. My favorite run day dinner cause it takes 20 minutes and the boiling happens while you shower.
  • Thursday/Saturday is a trial run of a Taste of Home recipe for chicken and artichokes…I’ll let you know how that goes over!  I try to do one experiment a week so if it flops, we have something tried and true to look forward to. Dinner is serious business around here, and we wouldn’t want it to disappoint.
  • Friday is date night, so we’ll probably hit up the Lock Yard for some crazy hot dog and waffle fry action. The Bridgeview dog is bacon wrapped AND deep fried…be still, my beating, cholesterol-riddled heart.

And that’s it! Well, except for some upkeep of the desserts on hand… I take keeping the freezer stocked seriously, and it is full of cookie dough.

What are you eating this week?


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