Amanda in Chinatown Market

About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda! I am trying to figure a lot of things out. Things like What should I have for lunch? How can one person impact the human race for the better? How did I get coffee on my shirt when I haven’t even had coffee today? (lies; I always had coffee today).  You know. Everything.

I am learning that it is not so much about the answers, but about the figuring out. I am also learning that even though Instagram makes it look like everyone I know has it all figured out, I don’t have to pretend I do. So this is me figuring it out, exposing the fact that at any given moment, my life is held together by rubber bands and chewed gum.

I like being honest, I like small successes (I mentally blow a kazoo every time I finish washing dishes), and I love communal wisdom. I also like writing, so I’m writing this blog, a little place about learning to be a grown up and getting shit done.

And maybe, hopefully, if I help you figure something out, then you’ll share something awesome with me, and it’ll be like a trade.

So, let’s trade!



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